Drafting a Running Feather


Sixteen page detailed guidance for drawing a running feather design.

Includes grids of various sizes and Mastergrid.


The Running Feather is a classic quilting design for borders. Particularly associated with the North East of England, these beautiful designs would provide the perfect finishing touch for your next quilt.

Most commonly stitched by hand, they can also be machine quilted.

This Technique pack will teach you how to draft a running feather to fit any width or length of border. The step-by-step instructions are fully illustrated, and use Carolyn’s specially designed grid to easily achieve the desired size.

The drafting grid is supplied in a number of common sizes, ready for you to print out.

Also included in the pack is a Master Grid file, which can be adjusted to any other size if needed in Microsoft Word. Note that you do NOT need to purchase the Mastergrid separately.  This is also available on request as an svg file if that format is preferable for you.

Instructions are included for making the feather sweep round a corner too, if you wish.

Look at the Harle Wedding wholecloth for an example from my antique quilt collection.


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