Red and sand strippy quilt

Strippy Quilts

Strippy quilts were very popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, particularly in the North East of England, as they were quick and easy to make.

Made from two alternating fabrics (usually plain), the designs were simply stitched along the strips, requiring little planning.

Typical designs included cables, running feathers, bellows and linked circles.

In contrast, Welsh strippy quilts were quilted across the entire quilt in the same framed designs found on their wholecloth quilts, with no relation to the pieced strips at all. Click here to see more about the Welsh double-sided Strippy quilt shown below:

Pink and Yellow quilt
Welsh double-sided Strippy Quilt

Click on the images above or below to go to separate pages about these examples from my collection, with close-up photos, and more details. The pink and cream one is very typical of those made in the 1920s/1930s, while the Turkey red and white one (which has some beautiful and unusual quilting patterns) and the Turkey red and Sand one are probably a little earlier.

Pink & cream strippy quilt
Red & white strippy quilt
Ten strips of alternating colours
Turkey Red and Sand Strippy Quilt

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