Quilt made from long strips alternating between two colours

Double-sided North Country Strippy Quilt

This Strippy Quilt is unusual as it is double-sided.

Both sides have the same deep beige/magnolia cotton sateen fabric, but on one side it is paired with yellow, and on the other it is paired with shell pink.

Alternating strips of hand-quilted fabric
Pink & magnolia side of double-sided Strippy Quilt

It probably dates from the 1920s, as this is the period when frills were very popular on quilts.

The quilting designs run straight down the strips, as was usual for quilts made in the North East of England. The designs are nicely planned and executed.

Both the central design and the outermost strips feature  a pattern known as “worm and spectacles” – a waving pair of lines filled with a chain of ovals. However, the curve is much tighter for the central design, making room for flowers in the spaces.

Central strip quilting design

On the outer strips, the space left between the longer, gentler curves is simply filled with a square diamond filling. This is a more typical shape for the “worm and spectacles design.

Waving line quilting design
Worm and spectacles

The quilting designs on the other strips are arranged in mirror-image pairs at equal distance away from the central strip, as is common with strippy quilts.

A broad, eight stranded cable come next:

Yellow quilted cable

Cables are an ever-popular design, not only on Strippy Quilts, but also as borders on wholecloth quilts such as the Green & Gold Welsh Wholecloth, and on patchwork quilts such as the Rob Peter to Pay Paul.

If you would like to know how to draw a cable design, and make it fit your quilt perfectly, have a look at the Drafting Cable Borders page

On this Strippy Quilt, the next design is an unusual one, which I have only seen in a variation on another quilt made by the same unknown maker. Pairs of swags are arranged opposite each other – it is the extra curve in the swags which makes them look like moustaches, or exaggerated lips. The oval gaps in the middle and on the outside are filled with square diamonds.

Double “Moustache” swags

The remaining design is made up of repeated fans:

Quilted fan design
Repeated fans

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