Multisize Bunting

Card Hangers

Fed up of all your Christmas cards blowing off the windowsills? I have a range of patterns which can solve this problem, as well as bringing a festive touch to any celebration.

Why not make one of these unique and original designs to display your cards – and bring it out again each year to add to the festivities.

Christmas Card Hanger

Christmas Card hanger close-up
Christmas card Hanger with cards tucked into triangular pocket, and held under elastic

See more details of this log cabin card hanger on the Christmas Card Hanger page, where there are two videos; one showing in detail how this project is made, and the other showing how cards are displayed on it.

You can purchase the pdf download pattern for £8 from the product page in the online Shop

Like all my patterns, it has plenty of detail to help you follow each step easily – this pattern has fourteen A4 pages and two variations.

Celebration Card Hanger

Celebration Card Hanger

The Celebration Card Hanger is also made up of two long strips which hang over a door, but instead of log cabin, this design uses the Dresden Plate.

See more details on the Celebration Card Hanger page or buy the pdf download pattern for £8 from my online Shop

Both of these designs can be made as a table runner if you don’t want to cover up the patchwork with cards.

Christmas/Birthday Bunting

Another family of card hangers is made up of individual units which are strung across a wall. A card tucks into pockets on each unit of the Christmas Bunting.
Christmas Card tucked into the pockets of a single unit of Christmas bunting
Card tucked into a Christmas Bunting unit

The units can be strung horizontally:

Row of Christmas bunting units strung across a wall
Christmas Bunting – to display cards

Or vertically:

Bunting units showing the use of a set of purchased panels at the centre
Carolyn standing next to door with red, black and cream square units of patchwork holding cards
Christmas bunting arranged vertically
 In a different colour scheme, the card holder can be made for a particular occasion, or for a special person, with a personalised name or message. The Birthday Bunting variation includes an alphabet for appliqué lettering
Bunting spelling C A R O L Y N
The Birthday Bunting pattern includes an alphabet
One unit of the Birthday Bunting version, which includes lettering templates so that you can personalise your message

More details, a video and photos of these can be seen on the Christmas Bunting page.

If you would like to buy the download pattern for £8, click on  Christmas Bunting or Birthday Bunting

Both of these Bunting patterns hold cards that are about 6″ square, but fashions in cards vary, and in some years you may receive a lot of large cards.

Multisize Bunting

See how the card tucks into the pockets created by adapting the pineapple log cabin block

To address this, I designed the Multisize Bunting, which has lots of pockets, so can take cards of different sizes.

This pattern is also available from the online Shop.

More details are available on the Multisize Bunting page

Multisize Bunting
Multisize Bunting designed to display Christmas Cards of many different sizes

More details and pictures on the individual pages for each design:

Or buy the download patterns for £8 each from my online Shop