Talks and Workshops


I have seven entertaining and informative talks currently available, displaying plenty of real quilts, (not slides).

These are also available now online via Zoom, using high-quality close-up photographs.

Which way do I press it?

The usual rule is “press behind the darker fabric”, but a careful choice of pressing direction – sometimes in opposition to this rule – can make a big difference to the precision of your piecing.

A “teaching” talk aimed at those wanting to learn more.

Success with Stripes

A “teaching” talk showing how to achieve stunning effects in blocks and borders with striped fabrics, including tips on how to make them meet perfectly in mitred corners.

Quick, Piece it!

The story of my developing love of making traditional quilts in a modern way.
A general talk aimed at a mixed audience.

Our Traditional Quilt Heritage

As I have too many antique quilts to fit into one talk, this one is available in three versions with an appropriate selection:
a)           Patchwork only
b)       Quilting only (wholecloths & Strippy quilts)
c)          Patchwork and Quilting overview (a little bit of everything)

On the Edge & Round the Bend

A closer look at the border and corner quilting designs on antique wholecloth quilts – connected with winning the Amy Emms Bursary in 2016

Antique British Strippy Quilts

As given in 2019 at the Festival of Quilts. A talk looking at the origins and designs of Strippy Quilts

Colour & Contrast

Many people struggle to choose fabrics for their quilts, and worry about which colours will combine together well. A “teaching” talk aimed at improving confidence by identifying how contrast is important as well as colour.


I am a popular and patient teacher who gives time and attention to each person so that everyone learns and enjoys the class. Although I don’t currently teach any regularly scheduled classes, I could come to lead a one-off day or weekend workshop on a variety of machine-stitched traditional style patchwork projects and techniques with your group.

If you’re interested in discussing topics, dates and costs, please contact me using this form: