Drafting Border Grids – Mastergrid only


Adjustable Master grid (Microsoft Word) for drafting border designs.

For use with separate instructions


Cable designs and Running Feathers are both popular choices of quilting design for sashing and borders, whether you stitch by hand or machine. However, purchased stencils are rarely the correct size.

Detailed set of instructions (available separately for Drafting Cables or Drafting a Running Feather) explain how to draft a border design, onto Carolyn’s specially designed grid. Note that if you buy those instructions as a download, the Mastergrid is included, so you do not need to buy it here as well.

This purchase allows you to download a Microsoft Word document with the master grid, which can be easily and quickly adjusted  to any other size if you have Microsoft Word on your computer.

If your computer does not run Microsoft, but has a programme such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator, you need to use the .svg version of this file, which is available on request.

This enables you to draft cables of any length, width or style for your own projects.

Remember that if you purchase the separate instructions, this Mastergrid is already included in that purchase, together with a selection of ready-sized grids.

If you obtained the printed instructions at a class with Carolyn, a coupon code is included with that, which allows 100% discount on this Mastergrid.


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